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> Pulmonary Medicine

All aspects of Respiratory Medicine with special academic and research interest in TB, MDR-TB, Pulmonary Infections, Interstitial Lung Disease, Sarcoidosis, Sleep Medicine, Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchoscopy.

A Post-Graduate of the Grant Medical College, Bombay, he has spent 5 years training in various centers of excellence in U.K including the prestigious Brompton Hospital, London. On his return, he established an active Chest Medicine Department at the Hinduja Hospital in 1992. This has evolved to include Mumbai's busiest bronchoscopy and PFT services and the city’s first Sleep Laboratory which he established in 1994.

Tuberculosis and specifically drug resistant TB (with colleagues in Portugal and the U.S.)

remains of great interest. He has been invited to lecture on Tuberculosis in several countries including guest orations before the British Thoracic Society and the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London. He is actively involved in TB research collaborations with partners from across the globe. Some of these projects involve new TB diagnostics (with colleagues at the Imperial College, London) and new TB drugs with colleagues in Portugal and the U.S. His group was the first to publish data on survival of a large cohort of MDR-TB patients treated on an OPD basis in the Hinduja Hospital. He was also the first to report XDR-TB from India. His was the first Indian group to use Linezolid as a salvage drug in these desperately ill patients and have just reported on their experience in the European Respiratory Journal. He was the only Indian invited by WHO to be on the “Guidelines Group”. This group after meetings in Paris formulated the 4th edition of the TB Guidelines, published by WHO in 2010.

Interstitial Lung Diseases

is an area of interest and research. He was invited in 2009 to contribute the chapter on “ILD: An Indian perspective” in the prestigious ERS monograph. He was the sole Indian invited by the American Thoracic Society to be a member of the international multidisciplinary consensus panel to develop a consensus classification on ILD. His report of a case of BOOP was the first of its kind from India. This was followed by the publication of the only Indian case series of patients with BOOP in 2009.


He was the first to isolate the HIV 2 virus from the lung of a patient, a finding reported in Thorax. His group was the first in the country to report a large series of patients with Pneumocystis Carini Pneumonia (PCP) in Indian HIV positive patients.

Sleep Medicine

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) was considered rare in India till the publication of his landmark article in the American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine. This put OSA in India on the world stage as the prevalence of OSA in middle aged Indians in his study was higher than in most other parts of the world. He has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders.

Tropical lung disease

He was invited to contribute the chapter on Tropical lung disease in Tores and Mandell’s Respiratory Infections, the standard international text book on respiratory infections. His work on the epidemiology of community acquired pneumonia is among the only epidemiological studies of Pneumonia from this country.

He continues to be actively involved with patient care and research at Hinduja Hospital with areas of ongoing research being tuberculosis, drug-resistant tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease, pneumonia, sleep disorders and sarcoidosis.

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