Shivangi Borkar

Head of the Department of Physiotherapy

B.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

Kavita Lulla

Senior Physiotherapist

B.P.T., M.I.A.P.

Nirmal Narayan


B.P.T., M.P.T, DAC, DYT, CMT (Manual Therapy), MIAP, MMTFI

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation science which aims at maximizing the functional potential of an individual suffering from disease dysfunction or injury. The spacious physiotherapy department, spread over 1200 sq ft, is a gateway to the path of better health and fitness. The department is managed by a team of highly qualified skilled and experienced physiotherapists. It also provides physiotherapy at home service for the convenience of patients

Some of the diseases treated by physiotherapy are: Sports Injuries, Back and Neck Pain, Muscular Dystrophy, Limited Range of Motion (ROM), Osteoporosis, Vertigo, Headaches, Joint Replacement, Ankle sprain, Parkinson’s Disease, Foot Fracture, Knee Ligament Injury, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Cancer etc.  Rehabilitation for ICU where patients with critical conditions are also treated by physiotherapists.

Back Clinic: A highly sophisticated and planned programme for patients with chronic back pain treated, which also include diet and yoga (check out for more details).

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: We proudly announce to the first private hospital to successfully start the Pulmonary rehabilitation programme with the facility of oxygen in the department while the patient is on treadmill and ergo meter.

Young at 50: A well designed programme especially for the elderly to get back to their young age including different sessions where age related problems are rectified first and secondly a fitness programme for the body to maintain the strength and flexibility.

Weight Reduction Programme: Tailor made highly skilled weight reduction programme to keep you fit while you reduce weight along with diet advice.

The department also provides specialized training in the form of Knee Clinic, Shoulder clinic And Foot Clinic.

Lympha press: Conditions with massive swelling successfully treated with lympha press which reduces the swelling of arm or leg.

Swedish Master Care: Meant basically for treating chronic back pain patients has proved to be too effective. Cases such as Quadriplegia or Paraplegia made to stand with tilt table.

  • State of art of rehabilitation equipment including Treadmill, cycle, ergo meter, Multistation gym, Neuro Rehabilitation mat, Staircase and Ramp.
  • The department also has specially imported Antislippery wooden flooring, centralized music which will sooth your nerves, relax your mind and body as you go through the exercises session with your physiotherapist.
  • Gymnasium: Well equipped gymnasium and machinery for strengthening of different group of muscles and to tone up the muscles and build confidence in the elderly which is an important step to their recovery.
  • Treadmill: Highly designed treadmill for patients weight reduction and Pulmonary rehabilitation, gait training in orthopedic cases.

P. D. Hinduja Hospital has also launch its Virtual Reality Based Neuro - Rehabilitation, physiotherapy to help faster recovery of patients. The program is powered by mindmaze, a swiss based neuro technology company, whose products have benefited over 10,000 patients across 20 countries. It is being used in leading hospitals globally.

It uses immersive and evidence based stimulatory digital games, to promote the patients repetitive. rehabilitative movements. The patients feel as though. they are playing a digital game, while doing their movements, with the outcomes being displayed on the screen and the patients being provided real time multi- sensory feedback. The games are tailor made and interactive, designed to offer a wide range of therapeutic activities based on neuro sciences. The variety of content is designed to facilitate rehabilitation of various body parts like upper limb, trunk and lower limb and helps to restore motor and cognitive functionality.

Benefits of this programme include:

  • It is proven to help patients regain their movements faster, when used in conjunction with conventional physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods.
  • Since the patients feel as though they are playing a digital game, it makes the rehabilitative process fun and engaging .It helps overcome patient fatigue, boredom and enhances their motivation.
  • The games and levels can be adapted and personalized to individual level of impairment and designed to reach the individual's rehabilitation goals.
  • Our experienced doctors and physiotherapists will devise the appropriate mix of conventional physiotherapy and virtual reality based rehabilitation to each patient's need.
  • Faster recovery, which saves physiotherapy time and hence cost.

Virtual Reality based Neuro-Rehabilitation is currently being used for patients with brain injuries and conditions like Stroke , Parkinsons, Alzheimers etc.