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Specialty Clinics

The Hinduja Clinic offers specialised clinics for patients with specific problems.

Disorder Specific Clinic

What is a "Vulva Clinic"?

A Vulva Clinic is a specialty clinic run by experts to manage skin problems on and around the genital area of women.

Why do we need a vulva clinic?

Problems around the vulva region (the skin around, on and in the genital area) are common, and can lead to severe discomfort and embarrassment for the woman. This can often lead to marital disharmony. Women generally suffer in silence, ignore the problem until it gets very severe, or use home remedies which worsen the situation. Occasionally, problems which are neglected for several years can transform into cancers. Handling vulvar problems requires special diagnostic skills and experience. This is available at the highly specialized vulva clinic, the first of its kind in India.

What are the common complaints in this area?

Itching is the commonest complaint in this area. Pain (vulvodynia), swellings, discolorations, discharges, and ulcers are the other complaints that women can have.

What are the problems that can occur in this region?

Problems commonly seen are boils and abscesses, bartholin cysts, growths like warts, rashes like lichen simplex, psoriasis, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis and skin cancers and pre-cancers.

Why do problems arise?

Problems arise due to friction with tight or synthetic clothes, prolonged contact with damp clothing, sweating, contact with chemicals as in detergents, vaginal discharges, fungal, viral and bacterial infections, or through sexual contact with an infected individual. Often, over-zealous cleansing, shaving or contact / friction with sanitary pads may aggravate the problem.

Is there any treatment?

Yes. Each condition has it's own specific treatment. This may consist of medicines, topical applications or surgery if necessary.

How can we prevent problems?

Gentle care of the vulvar region is the key to prevention.
Avoid: washing the area with harsh soaps, tight/synthetic underclothing, constant dampness. Get infections, swellings, itching and discharges treated as soon as possible.

Is there any age restriction to this clinic?

No. This clinic is open to all females from birth to old age, as vulvar / vaginal problems can occur at all ages.

Which doctor will treat us?

You will be checked by a dermatologist and a gynaecologist together.

What investigations will be done?

Every case basically needs a good examination. If required, tests such as smears, swabs, cultures, biopsies, colposcopy, PAP smear etc may be carried out.

How do I take an appointment?

The schedule for the Vulva Clinic is as follows:Monday & Friday 3.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m

During the appointment you shall be seen both by our Dermatologist and Gynaecologist for complete and holistic evaluation

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Download brochure of Vulvar Clinic for Women